You Have A Right To The Freedom Of Speech

Noah Martinez , Reporter

The first amendment is righst that everyone has and should never be taken nor broken by anybody from any power. Everyone has the right of the first amendment and often we have to show that we do. Student expression is protected by the state of law but, administrators at an Arkansas high school are trying to pull student feature profiles from the yearbook. Principal Rodney Williams censors a yearbook profile of gay student. Taylor Ellis’s story was pulled out of the school yearbook due to being too “personal.”

“I think its a good thing for people like me to see that it’s ok to be openly gay in ¬†school, ” said by Ellis in the article by Ladia Coutre. In the article also said, “It’s important his story is shared with others because it could mean a lot to someone else.”

Everyone including students have the right to speak their mind and say what they want. For instance, in the article by Dani Kass argued about a student who was suspended from high school for a sarcastic tweet which had field a lawsuit against his Minnesota school district. The student won the lawsuit and still made a statement about the freedom of speech.

In the article by Dani Kass, it says, “Sagehorn’s actions were like crying or yelling fire! in a movie theater or saying I got a bomb on a plane.”

Anyone has the freedom of speech even the Ku Klux Klan. For example in the movie by Alex Copogna the Ku Klux Klan  was fighting against gay marriage and no-one could tell them anything due to the first amendment.

I believe that everybody has the right to speak about anything they want. For example we have the right to even protest, boycott or even disagree with the president’s choices. If you feel the need to speak up just remember that everyone hast the freedom of speech.

In the article on an Kansas student facing ticket fines by Lydia Coutre there is a quote that really grasps me it says, “Who is this one person to decide what is moral in public and what is not?”