First Amendment Article

The first amendment was not written to protect the people of this country from Religious values it was to protect Religious from government tyranny.The first amendment means that everyone has rights.

In Minnesota school they demanded a student to give a Facebook password which settles first amendment lawsuit. A student and the school settled a lawsuit that claimed the teenagers constitutional rights were violated when middle school administrators viewed her Facebook account and punished her for its content. The law suited the fourth amendment, the right to be free from searches. The student had won the case.

Schools don’t have the authority to police what students are doing or saying off campus, especially when those action have no effect on campus.

West Virginia state Board of education United States Bornete, 1943. West Virginia required both students and teachers to participate  in saluting the flag. A lot of students did not want to do it. Failure on the part of anyone to not salute the flag can be suspended or expelled.

The first amendment is not an altar or we must sacrifice our children and community standards. The first amendment can and must be prohibited.

In the movie  there was one women protesting in front of the white house, a lot of people were getting mad but she had the right to be protesting.

The first amendment is our permit.