First Amendment Article

Students have the same rights inside and outside of the school premises.

In Leeb v. DeLong (1984), the faculty members restricted students from printing there April 1st edition magazine. Leeb lost the case because the court ruled that it wasn’t against his first amendment right. But Leeb kept fighting because he wanted to remove restrictions on the school website.

Leeb said he was going to continue fighting so it won’t happen to others.

Kansas school administration give tickets to students for using profanity. Kansas students express concern over profanity tickets given by the police. The students all have the opportunity to file grievance over there the tickets with the principal.

Kansas police said, “Whether they think they have the constitutional right of free speech or not, they also have the responsibility to be moral in public.”

Even the KKK, as American citizens have the freedom of speech. The police gave them the protection to have their rally, defending their first amendment right. The KKK speaking on the subject of homosexuality can do so, even if the majority don’t agree with them.

KKK Grand Dragon said, “People have to understand that we all have the right to free speech no matter what we believe.”

The first amendment is good for all Americans so you better learn it now.