Our district’s very own Scooby Doo

A few weeks ago the Stockton Unified School District purchased a Jack Russell Terrier named Yoda, in hopes to help with drug and firearm problems the District is plagued with.

One might believe a police dog’s life is glamorous and fun filled but it’s quite the contrary.

Unlike Lassie who we would see occasionally taking a nap in the shade, Yoda is always on alert and on the job. This breed of dog is notorious for being intelligent and full of energy.

From the moment his partner, Officer Curtis Jue took him out of the police cruiser, Yoda was lunging at us with excitement. Officer Jue showed us that Yoda has two collars, one for working and one while at home relaxing. With the home collar around his neck, Yoda was still quick to check his new surroundings.

Jue said “He is usually so worked up when he gets home, country music is one of the only tools he needs to calm down and relax.”

Yoda doesn’t play with toys very often so he doesn’t eventually become domesticated. Yoda is held to a strict regimen of training for the search of narcotics as were Yeller would be held to a strict regimen of fetch. Yoda’s only toy is a small tennis ball on a string that he only is allowed to play with for about thirty seconds at the end of the day.

Jue said, “I don’t even want to pull the ball out of my pocket because he will think it’s time to relax and won’t want to engage in his normal duties.”

Lastly, unlike our dear friend Scooby Doo who usually indulges himself in the occasional hamburger, Yoda is required to hold to a very strict diet of dry food only. He isn’t even allowed to drink milk with his food like most normal canines.

Jue said “We need him to stay in perfect shape so he can be around for a long time and help the district and I fight our own type of of crime.”