Super Pup

SUSDs officer Jue has a new friend and his name is Yoda. SUSD got a drug sniffing dog. Officer jue said “he’s a great working dog and also a great friend.’ Officer Jue is also a great man. He said that he became a police officer to help and protect the people who couldn’t protect themselves. Officer Jue is a great man.

Yoda is going to make a huge difference in the SUSD. He is going to make it a lot safer and help the SUSD police in so many ways. He is going to sniff out the drugs and illegal substances that students bring to school. Yoda can also sniff out any kind of firearms or anything with gunpowder that can be a threat to the schools. Yoda is still training to be the contraband dog he needs to be.

Officer Jue and Yoda is going to make a great team. Officer Jue says that Yoda is a great work dog but he is also a great friend. They go home and play fetch with a string and ball like any other dog owner. What it sounds like is they have a great working partnership and a good friendly relationship outside of there work.

Yoda came from a high kill shelter. Meaning that they kill dogs if people don’t claim them within a certain amount of days. Yoda also saved the SUSD a lot of money in the process of finding a contraband dog. Yoda only knows how to sniff things out. He’s not used for an attack dog.

Officer Jue said “Yoda hasn’t found anything yet because he is still in his training of finding what he needs to find when it comes to the real deal.” When officer Jue goes out with Yoda and he leaves the car he leaves the car running so that Yoda has a A/C and doesn’t get over heat and have a heat stroke. Officer Jue gave Yoda his own personal A/C by running a plastic tube to Yoda’s cage in the backseat of the police car.

Officer Jue and Yoda is going to make a great team and make the SUSD a better and more safer place where people won’t have to be scared about people bringing firearms to school and nobody would want to bring anymore drugs to school. Thank you Officer Jue and Yoda.