Yoda and Police Officer Curtis Jue

Noah Martinez, Reporter

Yoda the Jack Russell terrier is the SUSD 2014-2015 District dog who is trained and partnered with Officer Curtis Jue, the district police officer, are here to rescue. Jue and Yoda the district dog can change the environment schools.

Jue and Yoda make sure that our learning environment is safe. Yoda and Jue keep all distracting things from the streets off campus. Jue is a district police officer who is trained to protect and defend, therefore he can protect our school.

“Yoda’s trained to find methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, marijuana and firearms,” the dogs handler said in an article by Keith Reid. By Keith Reid quoting him you can tell that Yoda is well trained and is ready to work at all times.

Yoda and Jue keep drugs, firearms and more away from our school. Yoda can easily sniff out drugs and firearms out due to his training. For example Yoda has been trained so well that he has his own work collar which triggers him into work mode. Since Yoda is so small it’s easier for him to move around therefore he can get to things and find things that we can’t.

“I’ve handled bigger dogs. My German Shepard was 115 pounds,” Officer Jue said in an article by Keith Reid. He also said “Those dogs can have a hard time getting into cars for searches and things like that.”

Yoda and Jue can also save the school much money. SUSD Police Chief Bryon Gustafon had said in the article written by Keith Reid, “The district spent $48,000 for the services of a contracted drug sniffing dog last year.” Also said by the Chief in the article was that “Yoda , a rescue dog purchased from a shelter with a high euthanasia cost $5,000 to buy and train.”

“There is a feeding, and there will be some visits from time to time, but this will save us money,” Gustafon said in Keith Reids article.