Small dog, big heart

Tisha Fuentes, Reporter

Officer Jue and Yoda love to protect our students and school campus. Officer Jue’s new partner is helping students get a better education.

Yoda is keeping our school campus safe and out of harm. The district contraband dog is trained to find gun powder, black powder, and smokeless powder. Yoda can find fireworks. Yoda is trained to find methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. Keeping drugs out of school helps students stay focus on learning and in a safe environment.

Jue said that Yoda has not found anything in schools in just the third week but in training he had found everything the SUSD police wanted him to find.

Yoda and Officer Jue keep all drugs away from school campuses. Officer Jue and Yoda goes to schools to have random drugs searches. Yoda and Officer Jue want to make sure there is no drugs or weapons on school campus to protect the students.

Officer Jue said Yoda is trained to find gun powder and drugs on school campuses.

Yoda was a student dog. The SUSD police said Yoda that was already $5,000. Yoda was already trained and ready to work for the SUSD police. Yoda was named from his original trainer who was a Star Wars fan.

Jue said he takes Yoda home everyday and takes care of him. Yoda likes to go home and relax.