Jack Terriers to The Rescue

Eryn McWhorter, Reporter

Small dogs aren’t only for carrying around and playing with. Yoda, a Jack Russell terrier, is the new Stockton Unifed School District’s contraband dog. Officer Curtis Jue took on Yoda to form the new K-9 unit. Together, Jue and Yoda will be a big help to SUSD.

Being trained, Yoda cost significantly less money than getting a contracted drug-sniffing dog. The contracted drug-sniffing dog cost $48,000 and the actual training cost $5,000.

Police Chief Bryon Gustafon told the Record that buying Yoda will save SUSD a lot of money.

Yoda is here to keep SUSD schools safe. He is able to find narcotics and fire arms. He can sniff out gun powder, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine , and marijuana.

Jue said, “Yoda is yet to find any firearms or drugs on the job , but he has found everything I asked him to find in training.”

Considering his size, Yoda is less likely to scare little kids. Jack Russell terriers are friendly  dogs. Although he stays at home with Jue, he doesn’t get walked or played with like a regular house dog.

“We don’t want him to be lazy like most house dogs are,” said Jue.