Jack Terriers to The Rescue

Eryn McWhorter, Reporter

Small dogs aren’t only for carrying around and playing with. Yoda, a Jack Russell terrier, is the new Stockton Unifed School District’s contraband dog. Officer Curtis Jue took on Yoda to form the new K-9 unit. Together, Jue and Yoda will be a big help to SUSD.

Being trained, Yoda cost significantly less money than getting a contracted drug-sniffing dog. The contracted drug-sniffing dog cost $48,000 and the actual training cost $5,000.

Police Chief Bryon Gustafon told the Record that buying Yoda will save SUSD a lot of money.

Yoda is here to keep SUSD schools safe. He is able to find narcotics and fire arms. He can sniff out gun powder, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine , and marijuana.

Jue said, “Yoda is yet to find any firearms or drugs on the job , but he has found everything I asked him to find in training.”

Considering his size, Yoda is less likely to scare little kids. Jack Russell terriers are friendly¬† dogs. Although he stays at home with Jue, he doesn’t get walked or played with like a regular house dog.

“We don’t want him to be lazy like most house dogs are,” said Jue.