Having Yoda as a police dog is beneficial

Garianna Norwood, Reporter

Like Yoda in Star Wars, this Jack Russel terrier is small in size, but powerful and stronger than most in his connection with the force. Yoda will be legendary in the Stockton Unified School District and is here to serve and protect.

Yoda will be able to find things the SUSD police might not be able to. A dog’s smell is thousands of times more  sensitive than humans, so Yoda can  sniff out the material the police cannot. Yoda is trained to find methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and firearms.

Although, Yoda has not found anything yet Officer Curtis Jue said that in training Yoda has found everything the SUSD police wanted.

Yoda’s size gives him an advantage. It would be easier for him to get into cars when on duty. Yoda would be able to get around much faster.

In the article “Drug dog Yoda police works with” by Keith Reid on August 22, 2014, Officer Curtis Jue stated that he has handled bigger dogs and they have a hard time getting into cars for searches.

Yoda saves the district a large amount of money. Before the district bought Yoda, the district spent $48,000 for the services last school year. They saved $43,000 because Yoda cost $5,000.

Police Chief Bryon Gustafon said in the article that it will save them a lot of money.