My time with Mrs. Earnest

Cesar Chavez Titan AVID counselor: Earnest Tammy

Cesar Chavez Titan AVID counselor: Earnest Tammy

Just recently, on the 27th of January, I received a message that CCHS had lost one of their true Titan family members and AVID counselor, Mrs. Tammy Earnest. As someone who was once a part of AVID, she was my counselor and I would like to give my sincerest condolences to Mrs. Earnest and her family. I would also like to share a few words that come from my heart in honor of her. It’s not much, but I hope it reflects the feelings of the Chavez Community.

I remember walking through the doors of Cesar Chavez High School, not prepared for the experiences and journeys I would be going through as a freshman student, and years to come. I remember meeting Mrs. Earnest early on and I answered the few questions she had for me when meeting. She was a very kind hearted spirit who was sincere and warm. 

My first impression of her was not the best. You see, as I looked at her she had such a commanding presence that could be very intimidating when you didn’t know her yet. And watching her to that point, I was scared to approach her. But then we had our student – counselor talk, and after that, she was not at all scary. I actually liked talking to her, because I could tell that she was genuine and caring. 

Apart from a counselor, I learned that she could be a friend, a teacher, an inspiration, and even a part of my family. There are always so many ways to have and create a bond with a counselor and that in itself can be very meaningful. Mrs. Earnest was like another friend to me when I needed someone there by my side, even though I didn’t meet her often at school.

One of the many days when I actually sat down and talked with Mrs. Earnest seriously was about my next step in life after High school as a senior just last year in 2020, via zoom. The topic was weighing heavily on me and we needed to review my transcript and college choices while also looking at my progress with FAFSA, scholarships, and applications for colleges. The talk went better than expected and I remembered Mrs. Earnest always having a smile displayed on her face when I talked to her. During that time, I was not feeling all that great because I was down with a cough for months and it wouldn’t go away no matter the medicine or doctor visits. She encouraged me to get better and to go to the hospital to check my cough, and that was just what I needed, someone’s encouragement for me to get well when I felt very unmotivated and ill at the time with school.

For those who have not known Mrs. Earnest all too well, she worked at Chavez as a Titan for almost a decade and had helped guide her counseling team and many students throughout the years. I pray that Mrs. Earnest will be able to rest peacefully and that many will not be sad for her, but instead keep her in their hearts as a memory that’ll never fade. Mrs. Earnest gave  her all and worked really hard for us all and it is time for us all to see her go.

May you rest in peace Mrs. Earnest, you are a true Titan. My condolences again, from Rose Yang, a former AVID Student.