Senior Sunrise 2020

Seniors get ready for Senior Sunrise


Hey Seniors! Get ready to wake up early and watch the sunrise with your senior friends! On Wednesday, September 30, 2020, from 7:30 am – 9:00 am at Cesar Chavez High School the senior class will be coming together for a breakfast and sunrise.

Covid-19 messed up memorable moments  for the class of 2021. Yes 2020 has been very disappointing, but there are still some memories we can make.  One of those is attending senior sunrise and hanging out with your friends or course wearing the senior color is optional (Yellow). Plus why not go early to school, not to learn, but to get a free t-shirt, donut, and pick up your ID  card (that’s only if you took your photo on picture day). 

Justin Castro the leader of the whole event informed me that masks are required for this event and he also stated, “We are trying our best to keep an ignite the traditional senior experience we were all meant to have, but at the same time, follow guidelines to help ensure safety for everyone.”  

Justin also informed me that people may be calling it a drive-thru Senior Sunrise, but Vehicles are not required because they will have a “… booth outside the gates to check in to and will receive a package. There will be breakfast snacks, free shirts, and certificates that Seniors can receive.”

To register for Senior Sunrise go to this link below