The Awesomeness of CCHS Distance Learning


The first semester of Distance Learning at Cesar Chavez High is almost in the books. We have had a lot of ups and downs, but here are a look at some of the amazing things that are happening at our school during the 2020 school year. 

So far to date, more than 1500 Chromebooks and 160 hot spots have been distributed!  Every single Chavez student and family can get one hot spot per student now.  Admin want to push these out as much as possible to minimize cost to families and secure connectivity.  The hot spots they are distributing now are a different service provider from last year and have much greater connectivity.

Here are some of the CCHS classroom highlights for the first semester:

Ms Soria has done a great job of setting up a student friendly virtual environment. Music is playing as they enter the class meeting, there are engaging topics and catchy questions, in addition to lots of visual supports.

Ms Garcia is using a really cool virtual spinning “wheel of names” for random checking for understanding.

Mr Heimbaugh’s lessons have lots of graphics and catchy titles with engaging strategies, such as The Science Behind a Meatless Burger.  Students are actually finding out what they are really eating and deciding if they want to have a repeat of certain meals after finding out what is really in them.

Mr King engages students by asking for their ideas/opinions and then taking a few moments to allow students to google the idea for accuracy or relevance.

Mrs Ciotau provides meaningful feedback on work along with praise.  Students are actively engaged in dialogue with the teacher.  

Ms Wang works on pronunciation of Chinese with students and actively calls on random students to participate, with consistent engagement

Ms Salazar held the first virtual PLUS forums last week.  Students addressed school climate issues, as well as pros/cons of distance learning.  They went really well and more are planned for later this month.  They plan to engage 1,000 Titans in forums by December.

Mr Hall’s students were creating life skill videos to be presented to each other.

Mr Qualls students provided an update on a sewing project they were working on. Qualls offered feedback to each student and continuously encouraged them to keep going.  He helped students understand which stitches work best.

Mr Stewart uses a “daily doc” for his warm up questions and curriculum based problems to provide organization and structure for his students

Ms Snell uses multiple tech tools to foster engagement. Students were engaged with the activities and it was demonstrated by Ms. Snell sharing their real-time responses on the screen. 

If you know of anymore amazing things going on around the Chavez Community please contact us at: Email – [email protected] or on Instagram – @cchsnews3