The End of Movies?


Companies in the movie industry are losing Millions of Dollars with theaters being closed left and right.  Many Movies are being delayed due to the Corona-virus, and some are being sent straight to streaming programs. Both theaters and films don’t seem to be able to survive during a time like this.

With the movies that were released, such as Dreamworks’ “Trolls 2” and Warner Animation’s “Scoob!” We are able to see dramatic shifts in the box office from recent successes. The movie “Scoob!” had a budget of around $20 million and only got $9.9 million at the box office. The budget of “Trolls 2” was 100 million, but again did horribly at the box office even with good ratings on Rotten Tomatoes this movie only made $12.6 million, compared to the last troll movie which made $346 million.  This isn’t just bad for the movie industry, it could end it. 

Movie theaters were already slowly going out of business with streaming programs having become easier and sometimes cheaper than buying multiple movie tickets. Movies theaters were the most profitable during the 1980s, but now they are losing millions of dollars with some movie theater chains filing for bankruptcy.

Multiple movies that were released this year did horrible at the box office such as Pixar’s Onward which was only in theaters for a week before theaters across the world were closed. This movie had 88% on Rotten Tomatoes and loss a lot of money. The budget for Onward was $200 million, but it only made 108 million (in one single week) causing a big loss for Pixar and Disney. Two months later Dinsey added it to their streaming service, Disney Plus. Now Disney is planning to put one of their blockbuster movies, Mulan (2020), on Disney Plus later this year which makes it less accessible to people who don’t have the streaming site. 

With movies being sent to streaming programs there will be less money to pay actors and animators, which can lead to the death of the film industry as we know it. The movies that didn’t go to streaming sites did horrible at the box office which made companies lose millions so no matter what there will be changes.

With the spread of Covid-19 not seeming to be ending any time soon it looks like people should get prepared for a lack of movies this year or even next.