The New Chavez Challenge

The New Chavez Challenge

The Chavez Challenge is a new challenge our very own Cesar Chavez staff John Norman has created to help students become better Titans. The goal of the Chavez Challenge is to reduce fights, tardies, and the cutting of class by the Chavez students through simply making better choices. In order to help reduce fights the challenge asks that students learn to walk away from a fight instead of running to fights and provoking it. “We don’t want to give attention to these fights because it will only encourage the students fighting to continue,” Mr. Norman explained. He continued, “There are even instigators that instigate these fights happening, which we want to stop. We want to make a huge difference by putting our differences aside and stop the fighting.”

Another problem across campus that the challenge is addressing are the tardies and cutting of class. The Chavez challenge is very focused on reducing the amount of tardies and students cutting class especially during fourth period. There has been a significant amount of tardies and cuts during fourth period and administration has been trying to find ways to get kids into class. To help prevent this, the Chavez Challenge has initiated a great idea of having a rally fourth period to encourage students to go to their fourth period. We had a rally on Monday November, 18 which had amazing performances and speakers that our Chavez students enjoyed.

This ongoing challenge will continue by having rallies every now and then during fourth period to see if there is any change in cuts and tardies. Mrs. Jackson has stated that, “…if the students make a significant change in tardies and absences fourth period then the rallies will continue every now and then and may even expand.”  If there has been a significant amount of change these rallies will continue for the Chavez students. We want to all come together to encourage more students to stop cutting class and being tardy so we can all continue to enjoy having rallies and a more successful campus.

This Chavez Challenge does not stop there, because this will be an ongoing thing with different unique challenges throughout the year. For example after Thanksgiving break, we will have a What Are You Thankful For Challenge. We want to take every Chavez student’s voice into account with this challenge to see what you are thankful for and appreciate across our campus.

The Chavez challenge can be found on Instagram to help promote what we are doing on campus. The IG is @chavezchallenge, and you can follow the different challenges as the go into effect. This Instagram page will be a platform to help promote positivity and help Chavez students. A student can direct message this Instagram page to receive helpful feedback. The Chavez challenge is focused on doing better for our school, therefore it is up to us as Chavez students to make it happen.

We currently have had 170 students already sign up to be a part of this new program knowing that it is designed to challenge them to be the best Titan that they can be. These students will even be given a various amount of tasks every single month to help them grow and become successful. 170 students is just the start though because we want to encourage more students to sign up for the Challenge! Now, are you up to the challenge to stop cutting class, being tardy, and stop fighting? Are you up to the challenge of making Cesar Chavez High School a better and more positive school? This all starts with you, each and everyone one of the Titans!