CCHS Jazz Choir♫

Chavez is fairly known for its F building clubs. Clubs range from Marching Band, to Drama, to Mariachi and more. Overall there’s a lot of talent displayed by all of the F building clubs, but one club in particular that seems to be overlooked is Jazz choir. This club at the moment is made up of five hard working CCHS Students that consists of Vanessa Rizo(11), Mellisa Delgadillo(12), Jennifer Nguyen(11), Daniel Batres(12), and Isaac Rivera(12).

The Jazz Choir Club is a part of an advanced singing ensemble that performs acapella, similar to what you may have seen in the Pitch Perfect movies. Our own CCHS club performed jazz type music at the major summer jazz festivals and competitions in Reno, Santa Cruz, and Folsom. Jazz choir also will do performances for small clients and venues. For example, on Thursday, August 1st, they performed at the Haggin Museum for Dolores Huerta and earned a standing ovation.

Some songs that Jazz choir have performed include “If I Ever Fall in Love” by Pentatonix ft Jason Derulo, “Havana” by Camilla Cabello, and “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder. Overall if you wish to be challenged, improve your voice and singing ability, and are interested in singing you should consider auditioning for the CCHS Jazz Choir! Auditions will be posted on a later date. “Jazz Choir is a family and always will be”-Vanessa Rizo Jazz Choir President.