DC Doom Patrol


DC Doom Patrol appeared first in DC My Greatest Adventures in 1963, and was written by the legendary cartoonists Arnold Drake and Bob Haney with Bruno Premiani as the artist. Who are the creators of Strange, Inhuman, and Captain Marvel (Shazam). With these claims, only the best works would aspire. The main concept of this arc was to show a ragtag gathering of socially considered freaks could unite to form a team. The plot rises to not to only see the thrill of combat and action, but the mental pressure and strains that pull on the heroes behind the “heroic” masquerade.

Because a TV live action show premiered on February 15, 2019, I believe that we should do a small history recap of the characters that we are most likely to see and to grasp a better bond of the plot/powers that create a symphony that should allure many comic book ‘nerds’ and ‘geeks’ alike.

Mr.Nobody – First to note, he is not in the group, but is one of the main villains. The origin of this character can be found in the original classic Doom Patrol series, where Eric Morden first appears in the #86 issue of Doom Patrol in which he was a simple henchman. Afterwards a mad Nazi scientist drove him crazy and transformed him into something monstrous. His body is made of unusual shapes and of a black matter, with holes and bends where his organs should be. When noticing the world’s problems and the utter absurdity of the universe, this leads him to go absolutely insane and to later create an organization called the Brotherhood of Dada – filled with weird, powered, and insane criminals.

This is one of the most underrated villains, as he is mentally insane to the levels of Joker with a playful attitude and a very unique power. His trials of experiments had given him the ability to put his insanity in other people. This only leaves for some good plot devices and has the “ump” to makes everything outside the box. Not to spoil the show, but the appearance is more human than the comic book version, but the body is fragmented.

Roboman – First appearing in issue #80 of My Greatest Adventure, and a well-known character of Doom Patrol as he was in every issue of Doom Patrol. Originally he was known as Cliff Steele, who was a daredevil and NASCAR driver, but everything changed due to a severe accident during the Indianapolis 500 that destroyed his body. Caulder, the leader of the Doom Patrol fixed his only intact brain into a robotic body. His character shows an aspect that is rarely seen in comic or superhero TV shows; Depression. Roboman had trifled with depression, due to viewing himself as less than human with his new body.

His new body allows him to become a discount like Terminator, with super strength, speed, and endurance. He also was equipped with electromagnetism in his feet, that allow him to be able to traverse over metallic structures. Let’s not forget that he also has video communication located in his chest, basically a bootleg iPhone. Not to spoil the show, but Roboman’s problems might be a direct result of his marriage issues that have lead to many jaw-dropping scenes.

Crazy Jane – Crazy Jane isn’t her real name, it one of her multiple personalities known as Jane Morris, but her core personality is Kay Challis. Her condition of dissociative disorder gives her 64 unique personalities with respective powers. Resulting from a past of abuse and complete disorder, it resulted in the development of each personality. The powers came to be due to a gene bomb, which was the real reason that granted her the set of unique powers. Let us go over the few of her personalities located in the new TV show:

    1. Crazy Jane – Jane’s dominant personality, but with no powers and is the most show throughout the other personalities.
    2. Black Annis An aggressive misandrist, equipped with sharp claws, red eyes, and blue skin.
    3. Dr. Harrison – White streaks of hair and blue eyes and the ability to telepathically suss out childhood traumas of others. The power to influence others by her voice, aside from her being completely insane.
    4. Sun Daddy – A humongous figure that consists of a sun for a head, and having the ability to shoot fireballs.
    5. Silver TongueHer vocalizations are actualized in a silver font, and can then be used as edged weapons.
    6. Flaming Katy – She has the powers of Pyrokinesis.

These are only the small fragment of the personalities that are shown in the TV show, but the whole spectrum can be seen. Many have powers not known until later episodes are released. Not to spoil the show, but the lore of Jane is not an abused childhood, but an experiment gone wrong. As probably to prevent media issues or press problems.   

Elasti-Girl – Rita Farr started off as a praised Olympic swimming champion who later became a Hollywood star. While shooting a film in Africa, a volcanic eruption spuming unusual gases became intertwined with Farr. After recovering, she discovered that she could extend and shrink her body to degrees of several hundred feet or down to mere inches.

Although there was no physical disinformation, her control wasn’t always there and in turn resulting in her losing her self-image, confidence, and becoming outcasted. This also ruined her career in Hollywood, causing her to drop out. Eventually she was recruited by Dr. Niles Caulder, who invited her to a place coexisting with other “freaks.” This pathway leads her to find companionship and results in her getting marrying Steve Dayton, also known as Mento. The couple would then adopt a very prominent figure from a famous group in the DC universe, the Titans, as they took Garfield Logan into care, also known as Beast Boy.

 Negative Man – The first version of Negative Man appeared in My Greatest Adventure #80 and formerly known as Larry Trainor. A founding member, and just like Elasti-Girl believed his superpowers, not as a blessing, but an affliction. His career started as test pilot for secret planes. It was here that he was exposed to a radioactive field in the atmosphere. This left him radioactive and with the ability to release a ghost-like entity negatively charged.

This spirit has the powers to fly at high speeds, phase through solid materials, and create explosions. Being in a dark shadowy humanoid form it can only stay outside the body for only 60 seconds, or else he might die. He is forced to wear specially made bandages to prevent the spread of radiation.

Not to spoil the show, but the show takes a unique concept, as he might or might not be homosexual; you just have to watch to find out. As his life seems to only hit him harder with pebbles, rocks, and boulders.

Cyborg – For those who are avid comic book fans, the origin of Cyborg is well known. The original lore of Cyborg’s creation happened in a special insert in DC Comics Presents #26 (October 1980). Victor Stone was the son of Silas Stone and Elinore Stone, who were famous scientists for the contributions to intelligence enhancements. They were experimenting on an interdimensional gate that lead to a gelatinous creature emerging and destroying the lab while also killing Victor’s mother. Victor became mutilated, unconscious, and near death from the incident. His father strived to save what was left of his family. Then, with with all the available technology in the facility, he rebuilt his son from the brink of death. When Victor regained his consciousness after almost half of his body had been replaced with machinery and technology he was in total shock to find out what had happened to him.

Due to the mechanical upgrades, he was given superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and even flight. His advanced onboard computer technology gives him the ability to control computers and to understand complex problems with a supercomputer for a brain. Not forgetting the finger-tipped lasers and sound amplifiers that can move through different pitches. But the best weapon in his arsenal is his intelligence and extra-dimensional point-to-point transportation, these were integrated into himself during the story arc Justice League War where he absorbed a Motherbox which allowed him to initially teleport anywhere.

Not to spoil the show, but his backstory here is different, as it wasn’t some kinds of monster to cause the transformation and destruction, but a chemical blast. I wonder how that happened?

Chief – Imagine Professor Xavier with hair and replace his telekinesis with superb intellect, Dr. Niles Caulder is that person. With this attribute, he created many inventions and innovations that make him extremely wealthy.  But before all this happened, he was a brilliant inventor and engineer what was working for a mysterious benefactor. With this financial support he was able to create a life-extending chemical that would be used by a Nazi general, “General Immortus.” This general used it to expand his life. Caulder later found out about the benefactor, Immortus, then in a way to prevent the general from leaving, placed a bomb were Immortus would remotely detonate. To get away he had only one choice, but this would result in him never able to walk again.  

Dealing with this tragedy, and the things he been exposed to showed that the world might require some help. So Caulder gathered together a group of so-called “freaks” to help the world while he helped mend them. This is where he created the Doom Patrol.

Not to spoil the show, there might be a farting donkey and a prophet cockroach related to Chief.

Overall View

This show is not as big of a mouthful as it seems I am forcing down your throat. It is actually heartfelt and precise with its storytelling, and allows viewers to develop their understanding of the plot while on this bus ride. This is a must watch show for any DC fan, new and old. However that recommendation must come with a small parental warning as there is a place for gore and profanity throughout; even though it really enhances the comedy of the whole show.

With unique ways of storytelling and always throwing hints to other comic series or shows take my word, you won’t regret watching this show.