College Sign Up


On November 14, 2018 Mr Cox, the yearbook and AVID teacher, began hosting an event from 4-7 pm to help students finish signing up for FAFSA and university applications. The event was held in his classroom in the G building room 121. Mr. Cox  wanted to help students have access to computers in order for them to finish filling out college related documents and not miss any deadlines. This was an event not only for students, but parents as well. This will allow the family to get a closer look at how there are teachers at CCHS like Mr. cox who open their classroom door and let students use resources at school that they do not have access to at home.

Mr. Cox says “I felt so good going into the event. I knew there were going to be some [that] would come out. I also felt good afterwards just knowing that students have those worries out of their ways.” Mr. Cox has thought about doing an event like this again after students come back from break. The next day after the event he talked to his students about the night before and if they had everything done and he received a lot of positive feedback from students. This event turned out to be a success and Mr. Cox has also ran an event after all students came back from Thanksgiving Break to give the kids one last time to get everything done in time to apply to colleges in California.