Stockton Con


CCHSOracle Staff

Stockton Con On Saturday August 18

Stockon’s version of ComicCon came to town again for the sixth time in six years. This year bringing with them multiple professional wrestlers, artists, traders, and cosplay characters. StocktonCon’s event is for expressing many local people’s talent in the work of art and creativity, along with selling valuable collectibles, comics, video games, and much more. StocktonCon is also a way of bringing our community together as being the main focus of the event. CCHS student Summer LaBass says, “I like the event because of the nice people, nice atmosphere, and I have a good time.”

The event began August 18 and spanned two whole days to the 19th. Doors opened at 10:00 am and closed at 5:00 pm. On the first day, tickets pre-sold for $13 and at the door they were $16. The next day, tickets pre-sold for $18 and at the door they become $22. However kids ages 12 and under entered for free with a paying adult.

During the convention fans were able to encounter some of their favorite actors or actresses who came. WWE wrestlers Christian and James Ellsworth appeared with long time wrestler and headliner Sting. Attendees also had the chance to meet voice actors from their favorite games or animated shows like Greg Baldwin (Avatar), Tara Sands (Pokemon), and Josh Petersdorf (Overwatch) to name a few.

There also were many more creative artist who loved to show their hard work they have created. The artist even enjoyed the convention as much as the fans did. Artist Megan Risk stated, “I go because of the good nerdy people and it’s very fun and a well put together event.” Another artist Dave Farrar stated, “I come to conventions all over the county and I like to get my artwork out there and sell it to young artist.”

This year StocktonCon also had a costume contest in keeping with past events. The first contest was held on Saturday the 18th for ages 13 and up. The second contest was then on Sunday the 19th for ages 12 and below. In order to be eligible for the contest attendees were required to register at the information and merchandise booth next to the main entrance to the arena. Contestants then must arrive at least an hour early before the contest begins and the costume had to be appropriate and follow the rules of the contest. The prizes for adult costumes ranged from first prize of  $500 to a third place place earning a contestant $150. The kids also got a chance to earn some money as first prize earned them $250 while third earned $75.

And as I often enjoy doing after a long day of enjoying a comic-book convention I always decide to find a close spot to eat. The Stockton arena has many restaurants near it. Event goers could go to Misaki Sushi & Bar (222 N. El Dorado St), Smitty’s Wings and Things (946. N. Yosemite Ave), and Nena’s Mexican Restaurant. (445 W. Weber Ave) However, there are also many more places to go so enjoy Stockton.

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