Fornite – A Full House of Characters


Fortnite, the new game trend taking over the world by storm, and you too can join the community even if you’re unfamiliar to the concept of battle royal games. This game has risen to all aspect of player from the common realm of modern shooter games and other sets in the genre. As those that are familiar to the play style in the battle royal games their are stereotype players. The following is a compilation of common stereotypical players:

  • The Camper

The most hated in almost every game that has an FPS aspect to it. Sure, it is the most easiest tactic to perform, but such a task requires an insane amount of patience with vast amount of ample reaction-timing from the user.

  • The Builder

Seems like a tough job, but really isn’t, once you get the hang of it. These boys handle the defensive strategy when the fecal matter hits the fan. Their squad is busy bandaging up while their structures soak up continuous amounts of damage; perceptions change while they tower up and dominate from above.

  • The Sniper

A sniper rifle provides plenty advantages to combat: long-range, position-denial, and an artificial fear-factor. But when it comes to knowing how to use one, we’ll leave that up to you. As sniper rifles has its ups, and it also has its downs: bullet drop and personal positioning. Measuring bullet drop wouldn’t take an immense amount of knowledge to remember; with proper usage and understanding, snipers can decimate the battlefield.  

  • The Dancer

Proud of your kill? Then dance away those doubts and shove your victory in their face as you taunt over their death. Nothing’s better than celebrating after an immense fight, but be wary, you can’t be too sure and start partying a little too early and lose all your progress due to inappropriate timing.

  • The “John Wick”

As expected, the last person you would want to meet. The Baba Yaga incantation itself, the one man army, the sweaty 12 year old that plays too much, all of these foretold nicknames don’t come free or without hard work. As the only why of getting you hand on this skin/reputation, you need to finish all of your requirement on the battle pass and get it to get tier 100 as of season 3. Don’t worry, battle passes never run out, so there is always there when you want it.