2017 CCHS Junior Prom King and Queen



At the Cesar Chavez 2017 Junior Prom, the student body spoke and chose their King and Queen from self nominated options. This years king and queen go to John Michael Supangan and Jocelyn Fortez, the royal couple. Upon winning John stated that he “…was very excited to know that everyone voted for [him] and wanted [him] to win.” Jocelyn says, ”I really want expecting to win so it was a huge surprise but it was fun.” Prom was hosted in the Stockton ballroom on April 29th, 2017 at 7pm until 11pm. This year, for the first time in Chavez history,  a male ran for prom queen and a female ran for prom king. Prom candidates are self nominated every year. Requirements to be able to run for prom court at CCHS is having good attendance, no book bill, and having good grades. Prom queen candidates were seniors Miriam Cuellar, Madie Molina, Jocelyn Fortez, Nienna Willingham, Keyla Ramirez, and Lionel Burgees. Prom king senior candidates were John Michael, Michael Vallesteros, and Clyde Concepcion.

Below is the entire list of candidates from prom king and queen for 2017 CCHS prom.

Miriam Cuellar: A senior,  that handles multiple activities, soccer,dance, and cheer. Now is also taking to run for prom queen, “I wanted to put myself out there and I thought it would be a fun experience,” she said. “Winning prom queen would make me feel really happy and mean I had a big impact on people.”

Madie Molina: Class of 2018 valedictorian running for prom queen is something she’s had interest in since last year. She said, “ It would be a great add on to my highschool memories.” She also has a chance to win royal couple with her boyfriend, Michael Vallesteros.

Jocelyn Fortez: Senior Jocelyn is running for prom queen with her boyfriend, John Micheal, running for prom king at a chance to be the royal couple. “I wanted to run for homecoming queen but didn’t so now she’s taking on representing the school by running for prom queen

Lionel Burgees: Cesar Chavez this year has two people that will change the game forever. He will be the first guy to try and run for prom queen. “I feel like people keep themselves in a box, but you should aspire to be different. Don’t limit yourself.” For him to win would show that people are more accepting and express our diversity.

Keyla Ramirez: Senior Keyla Ramirez, has been representing the school playing soccer all her 4 years. She says,  “It seemed cool to run for prom queen because it’s a cool experience to try something new, and to win. It’s always feels good to win.”

Nienna Willingham: For her last year she wants to make it very memorable, she is one of the nicest people, and is always smiling. She says, “Just to go out and with a bang for my last year and try something new. It would mean a lot to me to win. It would give me confidence to feel like a cool person if people voted for me to win”

Michael Vallesteros: Senior Michael is another one of the upcoming royal couples. Michael, chose to run for his girlfriend, Madie Molina. They’ve been 3 years strong. He says, “It would be cool to win and get a crown.”

John Micheal Supangan: Senior, varsity football player John says, “ I just wanted to do the traditional, a high school football player winning prom king.” He has a chance to be the royal couple with his girlfriend Jocelyn Fortez.

Clyde Concepcion: One of the first transgender women running for prom king. Clyde says,“I choose to run for prom because I’ve always wanted to become a prom king since I first came into High School , if i were to win prom king it would be very memorable and inspiring for other transgender women to go for what they prefer to be presented in anything.”