Holidays at Disneyland

Disneyland Castle

Disneyland Castle

David Garcia, Martha Robles, and Alyssa Viveros

The time for jackets to warm you up during the day, to lay by a nice warm fire, and to celebrate Christmas with a talking mouse has finally come again. Disneyland’s winter wonderland is now back this year from November 9, 2018 to January 6, 2019. The entire park will be decorated with lights to shine up the night. Attractions such as Radiator Springs (Cars) and the Haunted Mansion will be Christmas themed with lights, songs, and new items for you to purchase. Prices for tickets and passes can range from $105 to $65 depending on the date you purchase with different added bonuses to get your money’s worth. 

Disney will be distributing holiday themed treats ranging from cookies to ginger bread men and houses. Downtown Disney will also be remodeling the stores by adding Christmas gifts, souvenirs, and art works. Characters will also be redesigned to fit the theme of the park and will enjoy you being there along with hoping you attend there events such as parades or firework shows.

Along with buying winter wonderland tickets some other offers for the park are park hoppers which allow you to go to California Adventure or Morning Rush which allows you to enter one of the parks an hour earlier.  There also will be many other theater shows hosted by the park including California Adventures World of Color. If you are looking for a family friendly plan for your family to spend the holidays, Disneyland Christmas may just be for you.