An Escape from Stockton…

To Experience The Flavors Of Cancun

A Meal Fit For Kings

Deep in the heart of Stockton, California, there’s an oasis of escape. Cancun is a restaurant which gets its namesake from the popular vacation destination in Mexico. Although it isn’t a literal vacation, the flavor and pleasing visuals take you on a trip that you would’ve never expected.

A Traditional Approach

In a world of Taco Bells and Chipotle, many get “lost in the sauce.” People truly think that they’re eating Mexican food, when they’re actually just eating Americanized trash with a million different unhealthy preservatives. Food chains like Chipotle and Taco Bell are just subpar knockoffs when it comes to getting real Mexican food. Maybe the fact that Cancun has been on Miner Street for decades contributes to their authentic flavor. Although there are some non-traditional aspects of Mexican cuisine on their menu, the taste is second to none.

El Plato Principal

Before the plates made it to the table, you already could smell the delicious aromas. Once the waitress graciously brought them to the table, it was a meal fit for the gods. From the gooey cheese intertwining with the gravy on top of the beef burrito, to the tender shredded beef in the taco, the anticipation of savoring every bite became apparent.

I love this place, it’s the best in Stockton!

— Mytae Townsend

Beans, Rice, and Everything Nice

No part of this dinner spread was disappointing. The plate also came with beans, rice, and a small salad. The rice was fluffy and delightful, and the beans had the perfect balance of savory flavor and oozing cheese. From the main entree to the side dishes, every part of this platter was spectacular.

A Pleasant Surprise

Compared to the outside of Cancun, the inside looks like a totally different place. The decor is impressive to say the least, there’s so many things to look at. There’s a huge pyramid fountain in the center of the restaurant, which is modeled after the actual pyramids in Cancun. The view was amazing, and the sound of the water was extremely relaxing. The aesthetic was pleasing, and you could easily see the inspiration of the monumental city of Cancun. The service was amazing, refills and extra tortillas were abundant.


This restaurant is everything you could ever ask for! From the beautiful decorations to the delectable food, Cancun has it all. Contrary the popular belief that mainstream fast food is real Mexican food, Cancun offers a more traditional approach. The food is flavorful and your plate is always full. There’s one thing for sure, you will never leave Cancun disappointed or hungry!

I would love to go there, the food looked really good.

— Tooba Naveed

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