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Students Favorite From Wingstop

Kimlee Cheav, Reporter

May 12, 2016

At Cesar Chavez High School, a survey was conducted among the students to see whether or not they like Wingstop and if so, what was their absolute favorite flavor for wings and what way they liked it. Students that complet...

An Escape from Stockton…

Reporter, Ky'Tavia Stafford-Carreker

January 15, 2016

A Meal Fit For Kings Deep in the heart of Stockton, California, there's an oasis of escape. Cancun is a restaurant which gets its namesake from the popular vacation destination in Mexico. Although it isn't a literal vacation, t...

Homemade Food Comforts the Heart

Ferline Ayo, Reporter

January 15, 2016

Our House - Our Food The food eaten in our household is usually homemade soup, stir fry, or any marinated meat put into the oven. Rather than eating out, we often stay home and cook traditional meals learned from either side ...

Are you a fan of soda?

Oshanay Roberts, Reporter

November 9, 2015

Whether you call it a soft drink, a carbonated beverage, pop, or something else, soda is a must have at parties and to quench thirst. The average American drinks about 45 gallons of soda per year. (No, not cans, GALLONS!) This is obviously a big reason why soda is a billion d...

Gourmet Jelly Beans are Alright

Christian Aldrete, Reporter

May 17, 2015

The majority of the Jelly beans were in decent shape. You couldn't smell them unless they broken. The taste alright, you might have to put at least three or four in your mouth to get a satisfaction of flavor. They're are easy...

Dine In or Carry Out?

Jasmine Rodriguez and Savannah Drummond

November 19, 2013

Can you imagine eating a finger food that is sweet or spicy and is very flavor-tastic? When you bite into it, you can't get enough of it. It can be with bones or boneless, and you can dip it in different types of sauce if you l...

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