Students Favorite From Wingstop

I like wings because of the variety, each time I go I can get a different flavor

— Jordan Cramer, 12, Communication Technology

At Cesar Chavez High School, a survey was conducted among the students to see whether or not they like Wingstop and if so, what was their absolute favorite flavor for wings and what way they liked it.

Students that completed the survey varied from different grade levels and also different SLC pathways. It was a total of 50 students. 49 of those 50 said they did like Wingstop, 1 person said they do not like the wings.

When the survey was conducted, students were able to name their top of the list favorite flavor. It is safe to say that among the 49 students, Lemon Pepper was the most popular flavor having 14 votes. The second most popular flavor was Mango Habanero, having 10 votes.

Another question apart of this survey was the option of how they liked their chicken. There was three options: classic, boneless, or crispy tenders. 30 students preferred their chicken to be boneless, 17 liked classic, and 2 chose crispy tenders.

This survey is a good way to get to know what students prefer and how students feel about the wings they choose to eat.


What is your absolute favorite flavored wings from Wingstop?

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