Stockton Con 2015

Tan Tran and Tyler Ear

From many voices of Stockton, Stockton Con has been a great event to attend. Stockton Con began on August 8 and August 9, 2015.  Many special actors came, such as Christopher Khayman Lee who is from the television series “Power Rangers” and Linda Blair from the film of ” Exorcist.” Stockton Con has been a yearly event since 2012.

“This was my first year at Stockton con this was the greatest experience of my life. I got to see many of my favorite artists such as Linda Blair. I also cosplayed as “Uta” from “Tokyo Ghoul,”  Maryilynona Mc Glynn, senior, said.

The amount of attendees has been steadily growing ever since the first Stockton-Con in 2012 with a little over 4000 people all in one area. Even those numbers was something that the creator of Stockton-Con, Mike Millerick, did not expect to see. Mike Millerick wanted a small convention for fans of Comic Books, movies, Anime, and other forms of entertainment to go to without having to travel to far away places where more popular conventions are held, such as Comic-Con in San Diego. It is safe to say that he has succeeded in his goal. With over 12000 attendees at Stockton-Con 2015, it is slowly going from a niche event, to one of the most anticipated conventions. It took place at the Stockton Arena.

“Stockton con was an amazing experience! I got to meet some of my favorite characters which was cool. Not only that, I saw a lot of talented artists, ” Ana Saechao, junior, said.