What phone do you prefer?

Phones are the essential to a modern human being.

There are many types of phones that have been made all over the world. Phones improve everyday, they have many purposes. Such as calling, texting, web browsing, games, photos, music, ect.  

What type of phone would you rather have?

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“My phone is essential in case of emergencies, and so I could interact with people,” said Justin Abundes senior.

When on the road or out of the house, emergencies come up and its neccesary to get ahold of people, having a good cell phone is handy.

Many people like to show off a new phone and try to act like they are the best.  Iphones are the most popular around in school, most students want iphones. The second most popular phones are Galaxy’s.agutierrez_jcarbajal_piegraph_photoshopped