CCHS Oracle

Te'ah Davis, writer

April 20, 2016

Students that attend Cesar Chavez High School complain about having to wait 30 minutes to use the restroom. Students feel that they should be able to use the restroom when they have to. Having to wait 30 minutes can cause is...

Horoscope for April 10, 2016

Nancy Black, Tribune content Agency

April 10, 2016

Today Birthday (04/10/16) This year favors experimentation, investigation and exploration. Prepare creative work for launch after 5/9. Plan long-distance travel and studies after 8/13. Begin a two-year partnership phase after 9...

What phone do you prefer?

Jesus Carbajal and Ana Maria Gutierrez, reporters

October 11, 2013

There are many types of phones that have been made all over the world. Phones improve everyday, they have many purposes. Such as calling, texting, web browsing, games, photos, music, ect.   "My phone is essential in case of emerge...

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