Te'ah Davis, writer

Students should be able to use the restroom when they have to.

— Terrance Ritzow

Students that attend Cesar Chavez High School complain about having to wait 30 minutes to use the restroom. Students feel that they should be able to use the restroom when they have to. Having to wait 30 minutes can cause issues to the student’s body. For example, students can get an bladder infection, they may even urinate on themselves, which is a very huge problem. As a result, students should be able to use the restroom when needed.

The solution to this problem would be when a student ask if  he/she can use the restroom, the teacher should let the student go right away. If this solution occurs it can prevent students from getting bladder infections, urinating on themselves, and there will be less trips to the hospital. Also, there will be less complaints about the bathroom timing from students.

Some may say that waiting this 30 minutes is a good idea because then you’ll not have students ditching before and after. But then again, there are students who NEED to go to the restroom, a emergency.

Moral of this topic, students should go to the bathroom when needed to. There shouldn’t have to be an emergency or an issue to allow students to use the restroom. To stop this madness, we could report this matter to the principal. If this does not stop, we could go to higher authority.