High school students love music!

From Hip/Hop to Jazz, high school students from Cesar Chavez High School love music!


Eighty-seven Cesar Chavez High School students were asked what their favorite type of music was. Whether it was from Hip/Hop to Jazz, we found that everyone had different taste in music.

“My favorite type of music is R&B,” said Jomar Guinto, freshman.

In our survery of 87 students here at Cesar Chavez High School, the majority of students favored Hip/Hop over six of the other options they had.

“I like Hip/Hop because of the artists who write the lyrics and perform the music,” said Kassandra Gonzales, sophomore.

The genre that was leased favored by students was Jazz. We also found that the students who chose Jazz as their favorite type of music were students who were in Mr.Coleman’s Jazz/Band class.

“I like and enjoy Jazz because I play it. I like that Jazz is a very difficult genre to play.”

Surprsingly, many students did not enjoy Country music. Some students even said they enjoyed every genre of music except Country.