Why should you become a Teacher’s assistant?

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Freshman advice
September 8, 2021

Why should you become a Teacher Assitant? Well, there are many benefits to being one. When you’re a senior you can sign up to be a TA when you’re done with all the classes that you need and you just need a fun elective class to have throughout the day. As for juniors, not all juniors get the chance to have this class but the ones that do are the ones that are caught up with all their classes or are early graduates.

Signing up is an easy step on where you ask a teacher or even your favorite teacher if they have any free periods open for a TA then you would go to your counselor or email them about what you’re signing up and from there, they would give you a TA paper where your teacher that you’re assisting for them to signs it, the parent or guardian signs it, and the principal. 

First, being a TA helps you maintain your grades and attendance. When you sign up for being a teacher assistant you are signing up to be a good student with a maintained 2.0 and good attendance. Students that fail to do so will get their privileges revoked. Having this as a class helps you keep everything in school consistent. You’re expected to be well behaved and to be able to set a good example for the students that you’re helping out. 

Second, when you’re a TA you’re expected to help a teacher out with tasks, grading,  keeping records, and teaching. Your teacher might ask you to keep records like taking attendance and grade work for the students. Giving you the chance of having the experience of being a teacher. 

Lastly, being a student has you practice being a teacher. This would help you in the long run on being independent and would serve as a good example on your papers for colleges or universities.