Back to school essentials for girls


Being a girl means being strong, confident, and knowing that you are worthy. At the age where a girl starts changing into a young woman, going to school is either going to be the worst thing ever or the best thing ever depending on how you make it. One of the things to remember to help make it a positive journey is to remember to stay the cleanest you can. However,  what do you really need at school for this to happen? As a girl myself with experience, I’m happy to help with what to bring to school every day. Either it’s a quick mother nature scare or any emergency knowing that you have something in your backpack to back you up that could save your whole day.  

One of the most important things a girl can bring is items to help with her hygiene. Bringing feminine products is the best way to come off as clean. Schools carry these things, but most of the time they are not comfortable for you. The one thing a girl does not want to miss to bring to school is something that covers her natural cycles in life. You want to know at all times that you are clean because having that feeling that you have leaked is a pretty serious and embarrassing moment of your life. You don’t want people seeing the incident that causes people to get disgusted. Not being able to change a pad can cause serious matters. Going a whole school day without a change can lead to infections, bacteria build-up, and cause severe odors, so keeping a few new ones is always a yes. Cash also plays a good part in being in a girl’s backpack because it’s important not only for a girl but it relates to the fact that some schools have feminine products for sale in machines in the girl’s restrooms and it never hurts to bring some spare change just in case of anything unexpected. 

When it comes to physical appearance, bringing lotion, body mist, hairbrush, hair ties, and deodorant is a really good essential to bring. The reason is that you do not want to come off as messy and someone who looks like they’re not caring for themselves. During a passing period and especially after a physical education class you’re going to be sweaty, sticky, and overall not very presentable. Having deodorant and a hairbrush can save you as easily as one two three. Quickly run to the restroom and touch up any missed hairs and smells coming from your body. People knowing you have a stench are most likely not going to inform you, but you yourself can make sure and know exactly that you’re good.

Lastly, staying bacteria-free means you need to bring sanitizer or any antibacterial wipes. Yeah washing your hands could help but you won’t ever know what situation you’re in where there aren’t any sinks or water near you in reach. Having sanitizer is super important in cases where you touch your face or going back to the first essential, feminine products you don’t want to go grabbing anything to eat, hugging, shaking hands with anyone after you have taken care of yourself.