AP and SAT/ACT Exams 2020


Victor Vega

Students around the country are preparing to take the SAT/ACT this year. This test and the score you get is a very big part of your college decision. The SAT/ACT exam this year will be in a test center like every other SAT/ACT exam. College Board said that they will not be offering the online SAT exam this year. A lot of students are worried that College Board might cancel the test this year also because they already cancelled the exams this year from April-May and students take 3+ months to prepare for the SAT to get a good score. Right now, students need to stay in a wait and see mode when it comes to the SAT / ACT exam. The future has been clouded with a sense of the unknown for the first time in a long time in America.

ACT/SAT Test Dates (2020-2021)

They are also scared that if they do offer the online SAT/ACT it will go horribly wrong like the AP tests from earlier this year in May. During the spring tests, after students took months to prepare, the AP tests glitched out and students could not submit answers.

In an article from The Washington Post it states “In California, parent Shelley Surh wrote in an email: “My daughter, a sophomore at Napa High School in California, took the AP Chem exam. She had five minutes left, uploaded her second response, and the ‘submit’ button did not work. She was absolutely unable to submit her answers. I found her in tears moments later, inconsolable. I have written College Board via email, Facebook and also sat on hold for two hours only to be told her only recourse is to retake the exam.” A lot of students were in tears this year because of the online AP exams and they are scared that it will happen again if College Board decides to take the SAT online this year. 

Students stay tuned as this story could change over the course of the year as we find more out about distance learning in 2020/2021 school year.