How To Get Through Finals Season

How To Get Through Finals Season

Stephanie Magana

Many can agree that the hardest part to get through in every school year is the last few weeks. Final assignments, makeup work, projects, graduation, etc. are weighting us all down.  It doesn’t always have to be so difficult though. Just try following these simple tips and it could make the end of the year a little bit less stressful!

Make Up Work

To begin with, if your grade is suffering try going back and making up or doing some of the work you didn’t finish before! It may seem like a good idea to ask your teacher for extra credit, but most teachers won’t be willing to grant extra credit unless you already have all of your past classwork done. If you’re not sure which assignments are missing, talk to your teacher about it, but make sure there is enough time to help you out with it. Don’t try to get all your work in within the last few days, because your teacher isn’t going to be able to do anything to help you at that point.

Stop Procrastinating

Since you’ve most likely been procrastinating the entire year, now’s the time to stop. Procrastinating will never get you far and especially not now. At this point getting all your work done is the main priority. This is what will help you get your grade up the most. As soon as your teacher assigns something, you should get started, no matter how much time it seems you have. That date ill always be closer than it appears.

Actually Study for your Classes

This may seem obvious to do, but there are many people who don’t see the importance of studying for class. Sometimes it might not really seem worth it for the amount of time it takes, but it will be. There’s no need to cram everything the night before and waste hours of your day. It’s actually a better idea to have small study sessions throughout the whole year (or last week). This way you actually have more time to get to know the information that’s being presented to you for each unit. There are many different ways to study that can help more.