Operation Titan


Drop off donations to your soldier in room C102.

What was your day like today? You might have worked out at the gym, watched a movie with friends, or just laid around at home getting a good night’s rest. However, while you were doing that there were many soldiers doing their part to help keep us safe and allow us that worry free lifestyle. These individuals sometimes spend months or even years in the military and they deserve a gift of recognition and a feeling of home. That is where Operation Titan comes into play.

Operation Titan is a way for us to let former Chavez students who have graduated and joined a branch in the military know that they will always be a Titan. Once this operation was started in 2012 it has had only one goal and that goal was to send care packages to all Cesar Chavez alumni in the military. These packages consist of non perishable items such as snacks, hygiene supplies, or something to remind them of their home. There are also letters of appreciation to these fighter to remind them of how much we honor them in protecting us. These packages are sent over the holiday’s to spread cheer in some difficult times. This deed is done and worked on by Mrs. Rivera, Jaclyne Banuelos, Jalissa Cheavers, and Alex Lewis for the 2018-19 school year. Many Chavez alumni have received packages and are very grateful for the fellow Titans. These Titans have help spread the word about Operation Titan by having daily announcements, advertising with posters and social media, and have donation boxes in classrooms throughout campus.

People can do their part in anyway whether it’s by helping Mrs. Rivera out with setting up boxes, spreading the word to fellow classmates, or donating anything to help the cause. Together we can all succeed on making sure every Chavez alumni gets their very own package and also show them that they will and always will be Cesar Chavez Titans.