The Third Grade Cream of the Crop


Thank you teachers

Ysabelle Adame , Managing Editor

My most memorable teacher in all my years of education is my third grade teacher Ms. Creamer. She was known as being strict, hard, and mean. She was one of the most feared teachers on campus. Ms. Creamer is known for being very serious and a hard grader. Just the thought of having her as a teacher frightened me, until I actually got to her class and began to know her personally. I remember the first day of school my mother walked me to my class, I could feel a knot in my throat as we got closer to her classroom. My first week of school she had all the typical first week of school activities where the students introduced themselves to each other. As the years went by and I got to know Ms. Creamer, I began to understand her and why she was so strict.  ” Ms. Creamer is definitely one of the best teachers on campus and never seizes to amaze us. ”  said principal Mrs. Medina.

My views on Ms. Creamer changed dramatically as I continued my 3rd grade year. Ms. Creamer was the type of teacher that would make sure that every student was on task and understood the lesson. Although, her eyes still remained terrifying she hid behind her hard act, but had a huge heart for her students. Ms.Creamers way of teaching impacted me by helping me with writing and math. I was horrible at remembering my times tables but she motivated me to study more and try harder by simply being her strict self. I didn’t want her to tell me with her crazy eyes and loud voice to study more, so I did better on each test. I was also not very good with English because of all the writing it required, what kept me from giving up was her. I am a much better writer because of Ms.Creamer. I remember when we were in the library and I was looking at the older grades books and was interested on reading one. Ms.Creamer saw and said ” do you like that one go ahead and read it I know you can.” Teachers before would always have me put the book back and told me to read at my level, Ms. Creamer knew that when a student reaches out further than their reach to help them not to pull them back to go at a slower pace.  

I will never forget her because she always crosses my mind while facing challenging assignments, she saw something in me that I never could see. Ms.Creamer made sure that I knew that I was able and capable of anything. She toughened me up by giving me challenging work and also helped me every step of the way, making sure I never doubted myself. Ms. Creamer became like a mother figure by the middle of the year. I remember when I had gotten my led from my mechanical pencil stuck in the palm of my hand. She calmly removed it and was surprised that I did not cry. The led was stuck in there pretty bad it took about eight minutes to get it out, she called me strong because not one tear was shed. That still sticks with me today. I have never met another teacher like her, she was the first teacher to ever take time to discover my way of learning. With all of the serious acts there were also times of fun and laughter. When we did have free time Ms.Creamer knew how to have fun while keeping the class under control and looking like uncivilized kids. Ms.Creamer never gave up on me I’m 100% sure that every student that has had her as a teacher would say and feel the same. She will always be my favorite teacher from my old old elementary school. Ms.Creamer still teaches at San Joaquin Elementary school, I’m not sure if she is still a third grade teacher or not. I hope to one day visit her and I also hope she remembers me.