Good Intentions Come From Miss Mercy


Thank you teachers

Amir Nawaz, Reporter

  Miss Mercy, a unique and soulful kind of teacher. She taught at El Dorado elementary school and worked with the second graders for around 14 years even by the time I entered her classroom.

  She represented a strong and dependable figure, including all the compassion she showed to everyone that entered her classroom. Miss Mercy was the most impactful to the young because of how quickly she would gallop to everyone’s needed. For example, I came from another country and did not fully understand how to read and write well at the time. Miss Mercy showed me extended care and worked with me on improving my writing and reading.

      As an impactful energy on many lives and almost everything that students do daily, she has been a beacon of hope for many youngsters. Teaching everyone how to look at everything with a different point of view, with all kind of light and persona, and to reach one’s goals and desires is Miss Mercy’s Teaching style. There had been many that learned a lesson from Miss Mercy, even my best friend from middle school, Kevin, stated, “She was such a change to the stereotype kind of a way of teaching, using a reward system to motivate everyone to try for there best”.

     To this day, I still remember the welcoming after school tutoring for classwork and homework. This effect also was rolled onto the whole of the class, maybe the entire school, as she was a productive part of the school and all school activities such as the PLUS program and the After School Program.

 These are the connections Miss Mercy created with students. She not only affected me, but my family was also included. This is the reason that I appreciate Miss Mercy for everything she intended for me.