Horoscopes for December 5, 2015

Today’s Birthday (12/17/15). Devote yourself to passion projects this year. Saturn in your sign favors personal achievement. Home improvements after spring lay the tables for gatherings as a new year-long social phase begins with Jupiter’s ingress into Libra (9/9). Your career reaches new levels next autumn, requiring home adjustments. Tend love.

To get the advantage, check the day’s rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging.


Today is an 8 — The next few weeks are good for saving money. It’s a good time for a significant conversation. Advance to the next level. Avoid traffic and arguments. Plan, sort and organize your shopping list. Imagine a project completed.



Today is a 9 — Partnerships flourish in great profit over the next month. Support each other to grow stronger. Female magnetism plays a big role. Pool your resources to improve conditions. Don’t worry about the future. Build it together.


Today is a 7 — Beautify your work this month. Care with details pays off. Apply artistry and creativity. Delegate to perfectionists. Profit from a dreamer’s vision. Verify the investment of time and money before committing. Track numbers in real time.


Today is a 7 — You’re especially lucky in love and romance this month. Declare your heart. Take action for what you really want. Success comes through your own energy and effort, advancing despite the urge to flee. Apply your creative talents.


Today is a 7 — Home and family have your focus. Creativity with domestic arts flourishes over the next month. Decorate and prepare. Invite people over and enjoy time together. Simplify, to avoid burnout or overspending. Soft lighting works wonders.


Today is a 9 — Discover new surfaces of a beloved subject over the next month. Studies and research produce bountiful results. To advance faster, divide tasks and share. Authorize someone to act on your behalf. You don’t have to do everything.


Today is a 9 — Keep track of cash flow this month. Balance income and expenses as both rise. Invest in practicalities rather than spending frivolously. Spend time together. Share fun and beauty. Disruptions and unexpected deviations can offer hidden gifts.


Today is a 6 — A rush job preempts scheduled programming. Don’t let it ruffle you. Try a new style. Take extra care with your appearance and image. You’re getting more beautiful this month. Reap the benefits of recent efforts.


Today is a 7 — Take time to notice your dreams over the next month. Complete old projects. Find beauty in unexpected places. Savor secret rituals. Prepare for an upcoming test. Find peace in stillness and silence. Let it restore your spirit.


Today is an 8 — Social activities benefit your career over the next month. Balance public with private moments. Address an uncomfortable situation head on. Face to face interactions produce great ideas. Dress to impress. Enjoy the excellent party conditions.


Today is an 8 — Beautiful opportunities arise over the next month. New friends open new doors. Take responsibility, and accept a professional challenge. Tap into a secret source. Keep things simple and avoid irritations or expense. Smile and say, “Thank you.”


Today is a 7 — The next four weeks are good for travel and learning. Venture out beyond habitual boundaries. Carefully planning saves money and time. Stick to what’s important. Having a meticulous partner helps. Spread your wings and fly.