Six Fast and Easy Makeup Tips!

My name is Keri Chham, I’m 18 and I attend Cesar Chavez High School, class of 2014! Have you woke up in the morning and never have enough time to do your makeup the way you would want to? Or just didn’t have enough time to get everything done. On here, i’ll be discussing ways to make it more time manageable and effortless to get a fresh looking face for the busy mornings.

Day 1:

For the face you would need three thing, a moisturizer, some sort of skin protectant, and for that light and glowing coverage, it could be very time consuming because of having to go back to back to the products, and thats when BB creams and CC creams come in. BB cream is a light tinted moisturizer for those that want a light coverage but yet have a healthy looking complexion, CC creams aren’t that different from the BB creams but more of a color corrector for the dark circles and those imperfections. They’re a three in one and can save you a lot of time, and yet give you a flawless face. All you have to do is apply either with your hands or a foundation brush and you’re done!

Day 2:

If you’re lucky enough to have a nice and sculptured face then you can skip the bronzer and blush, but if you’re a lot like me I have a round face and no type of cheek bone and basically when your apply either a foundation or tinted moisturizer your face can seem dull or one color, which isn’t all that flattering. Bronzer helps bring out your facial features better, apply it along your cheekbone, and jaw line. Using the tinted moisturizer saves you time for extra things like bronzer so your look isn’t boring.

Day 3:

Eyebrows are what frames your face and eyes are what catches someone’s attention. If you already have thick eyebrows then lucky you, if not take an angle brush and a eyeshadow color that fits your hair color, filling it in along your natural eyebrow shape. As for your eyes take a eyelash curler or not take mascara, and add four to five coats for that voluminous eyelash so you wouldn’t have to do much to bring out your eyes. And you’re set, feel free to apply liner if needed.