Everlynn Niaudrey Khamjoi

Everlynn Niaudrey Khamjoi was killed April 17, 2014. Seventeen-years-old and a senior at Cesar Chavez High School, Everlynn was involved in a two car suspected drunk-driving accident. Everlynn, Holly Prater, Anissa Massiah and Katrina Quevedo were working on the layout for the senior picnic when Everlynn became overly stressed. Anissa and Katrina convinced Holly and Everlynn to have a few alcoholic beverages to relax and calm the nerves. After a few drinks the events corrdinator from Oak Grove Park called letting the Everlynn know that she could come and see the venue and that he would only be there for an hour. Without hesitation, the girls gathered their purses and headed out the door. Holly said that they should take her car and that she was fine to drive since they only had a drink or two. Not far from the venue site, Holly’s car hit a car filled with fellow classmates. Anissa and Katrina’s injuries were assessed at the scene and the two girls were transported to a local hospital for further observation. Everlynn showed faint vital signs at the scene and was rushed to a local hospital but upon her arrival, she had lost all signs of life. The trauma doctors and nurses did everything they could to save Everlynn but her injuries were too severe. Everlynn was pronounced dead at the hospital. Holly is being head in protective police custody following a full investigation of the accident and blood alcohol tests. Anissa told local authorities “We thought that having a few drinks would help with Everlynn being stressed, instead of fixing a problem, it just caused another problem. It was a very wrong thing to do.”

Everlynn is best known for being the senior class president, Interact president and an active member of Friday Night Life. Everlynn enjoyed baking cupcakes, watching football and basketball, scrap booking, and organizing things. Everlynn had plans of attending college in Southern California and becoming a pediatrician.

Everlynn is survived by her parents Champa Khamjoi and Karouna Norascth, siblings Christian, Ezekiel and Isaiah, and grandparents Chane and Nin Khamjoi and Billy and Chanpheng Norascth.

A memorial service for Everlynn will be held at The Christian Life Center on April 25, 2014, at 10:30 a.m.

Everlynn will be remembered for being a caring and happy young lady. She will be loved and missed by her friends, family and fellow classmates.