Throwdown: CCHS’ Own Food Fest!

Samantha Vazquez and Ky Stafford

drama smallWhen it comes to the word throwdown, you may think of rap battles and fist fights. Here at Cesar Chavez we’ve created our own definition of a throwdown: it’s an all-out food fest! From lumpia and tamales to chow mein and churros; clubs exhibited cultural diversity, organization, individuality and creativeness last Friday, October 2, during Homecoming. All of these things were “thrown” together to create a perfect harmony of food, music, and fun! However, this spectacular event could not have been possible without Genesie Quiliza.


Quiliza (JunIMG_7392ior) was in charge of collecting the paperwork and setting out the layout for this exciting event. “It’s been a stressful process, but I’m really excited for the food,” Quiliza said. As the Commissioner of Clubs, her job required the responsibility to keep these clubs active and to make sure all the requirements for the throwdown were met. Quiliza had been working on this project for a while in the hope that the event would keep students filled with the aura and thrill of Homecoming. 




abi smallAfter weeks of stress, Quiliza delivered, and her efforts benefited clubs, individuals and school spirit.  All the participating clubs gained profit, and popularity as well. Many of them expected a positive outcome from throwdown. In fact the band president, Abi Favela (CT, Senior) said, “We think we’re going to sell out!” Favela also described the minor difficulties of preparing for this event, but noted that it was going to be rewarding for the band. “It was a little hard trying to find places that had all the products that had what we wanted,” Abi Favela said. “Our profits are going for the band to have extra money that we need, so this is all worth it.” The CCHS Marching Band sold Arizona Tea to make revenue, and as Abi predicted, the marching band successfully sold out their products. However, the planners weren’t the only people who participated.


tooba smallTooba Naveed (CAPA, Senior) excitedly described throwdown from her perspective.  “I came for the food, and to support band,” Naveed said. “It was fun and there was a lot of good food.” As a “newbie” to throwdown she felt like the experience was worthwhile. “I’m very glad I came,” Naveed said. “It was my first throwdown and I enjoyed it!”




Overall, everyone who participated, planners or consumers alike, had a great experience during throwdown. It was an opportunity for an all-you-can-eat fest as well as way of showing school spirit. Now, with great anticipation, the countdown for the next Homecoming Throwdown begins!