Halftime Performance

Ashley Kuang and Oshanay Roberts

The Cesar Chavez High School marching band, cheerleading squad, color guard, and choir have put in months of practice in order to prepare for the most anticipated football game of the year: Homecoming.

Band took the field, all eyes on them. The crowd was watching and anticipating. Halftime performance was 15 minutes. As halftime started, Jazz band came out with their instruments and started it off. Titan marching band marched with eagerness to perform their rendition of “Uptown Funk”. A little after marching band began playing, show choir began singing the song along with the beat. The crowd was going wild as they performed, cheering and screaming showing that they loved it. The two groups were feeding off of each other’s energy.

Alyssa Melton“Having the chance to perform during halftime at the homecoming game my senior year was truly an unforgettable experience. As band’s first performance, it was pretty rough, but I look forward to improving and growing with the rest of our Titan marching band family,” Alyssa Melton, EES senior, said.


After marching band and show choir finished their performance, they cleared up for the next show. “Get ready for the greatest performance of the year!” the announcer said. As soon as he said that, the cheer squad made their way onto the the football field along with color guard, smiling, ready to give all they had.  They cheered on the field and color guard had pink flags showing their support for breast cancer awareness. The mix of the cheerleaders and color guard excited the crowd. Some dropped flags, some didn’t. But overall, it was an unforgettable show that displayed True Titan spirit. The crowd was quiet, on the edge of their seats, and soon as cheer finished, everybody cheered so loudly, feeling proud, and shouting their names.


Patrick Escalona small“I felt turnt. It was fun but a little bit nerve-racking. We put a in a lot of practice during our fourth period. But I think our performance was on point, A1,” Patrick Escalona, CAPA junior, said.


The dripping, sweat filled faces of the performers showed the audience how much they practiced. The performance lasted about eight minutes in total. The crowd was very cheerful and showed what great titan spirit we had. The remaining time was used for the crowning of the king and queen!


Reca Caballero small“I think it was nice how the whole performing arts department worked together to make a great performance,” Reca Caballero, Health senior, said.






All in all, the Titan performers showed that hard work pays off.