And the Homecoming King and Queen is…

Congratulations to the Homecoming King and Queen!

Carrie Hang, Reporter

Homecoming week has been a wild ride.

We kicked of this week with a High School Cliches themed spirit week: Grease Lightning on Monday, Saved by the Bell on Tuesday, and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on Wednesday. On Thursday, we had a competition between the classes themed High School Cliques. The freshmen dressed as the nerds, sophomore dressed as the preps, juniors dressed as the rebels, and seniors dressed as the jocks. On Friday, Chavez put together a morning rally, Morning Madness. Also, there was a Throwdown after school where clubs got together and sold food and beverages. Then, later that evening, there was a Homecoming football game, Chavez vs. Golden Valley. During Homecoming half-time, the Homecoming King and Queen were announced and to end the night, Chavez’s varsity football team defeated Golden Valley’s varsity team, 30-22.

Throughout Homecoming week, 10 Homecoming candidates ran for their position as King or Queen. Running for King were Martin Ha, Allan Moua, Andre Oliva, Anthony Pena, and Miguel Vidaca. Running for Queen were Tyler Catudioc, Alicia Eam, Jaidah Hallman, Annabelle Ros, and Ieda Torio. Student were able to vote for their 2014 Homecoming King and Queen during both lunches and after school.

When the Homecoming candidates were walking onto the football field, one could feel the excitement and adrenaline in the air.

“Your 2014 Homecoming King is…” the hosts announced, “Martin Ha!” The crowd roared into a tremendous ramble, cheering  for their 2014 Homecoming King.

“And your Homecoming Queen is…” the hosts once again announced, “Jaidah Hallman!” And again, the crowd roared, cheering for their 2014 Homecoming Queen.

Martin Ha and Jaidah Hallman were crowned Cesar Chavez’s 2014 Homecoming King and Queen. From the look on their faces, their win was most likely the highlight of Homecoming week and maybe even their senior year.

Congratulations to Martin Ha and Jaidah Hallman! Stay Golden!