Dailen Victor’s Hot Streak for CCHS Ballers


Dailen Victor (5) recieves the ball from Jordan Sessions (11)

The Cesar Chavez High School Boys Varsity Basketball team have been up to a pretty impressive start with a record of 5-1 in league play. The Boys Varsity Basketball Team here at Cesar Chavez are filled with great players and coaches such as the head coach Mack Harris and senior players Dareion Miller, Carlos Regalado, Christian Yann, Richard Williams, and Jon-Micheal Calip.

But there has been one other player who stands out the most to the crowd, and that player is Senior Point Forward Dailen Victor. The Cesar Chavez Guard has been playing at another level recently with career best in stats at 28 PPG, 6.0 RPG, and 1.0 APG. These stats are one one of the major reasons why the boys varsity basketball league record has been the best in the league so far this season.

We recently interviewed Dailen about himself, basketball, and what he plans on doing in the future. Dailen has been on a tear all season on the basketball court and has been on a mission recently hitting game winning buzzer beaters and electrifying the CCHS crowds. “My brother played. He taught me how to play, and I went through with it,” he stated about what started his playing days. Many people have been wondering Dailen’s future plans with basketball and if any schools are coming after him. The Chavez star ball player has stated that he is still waiting for his first major college to get involved. Does he have any offers yet this season? “Not right now,” Dailen responded before adding, “Just a couple of J.C’s have been by so far.” However, the Chavez netter is looking forward to see what colleges could give him an offer during the season. 

Another big question mark is what Dailen plans on doing in the future and he let us know, “I haven’t really decided on that yet.” He’s is waiting and remaining undecided to see if schools come through with a fresh offer. Dailen decided to play for Chavez because, as he stated, “My brother and sister graduated from Chavez, so I came here too and wanted to play basketball for them.” And just like most other athletes in the world, most have a pregame ritual. Dailen is no different. “Before my games I eat skittles.”

Many people are expecting big things from Chavez star, Dailen Victor and many are anxious to see what new tricks he has up his sleeve for the rest of this season. Even opposing coaches have taken notice in trying to stop him, “He is an absolute stud. He may be the best player to ever play at Chavez,” Stagg Varsity Assistant Coach John Gilgert stated after the recent rivalry game with CCHS when the Titans came out victorious, 57-48.