49ers 2018 Draft Review


Aaron Kolomvotos

The 2018 NFL Draft happened and it was interesting to watch as teams draft their next superstars for the next years to come. Lots of things happened during the draft and some questionable picks from many teams. One team that needed to have a good draft and set up their future is the San Francisco 49ers. They used trades to gather as many picks as they could and used those picks to fill as many holes as they could, theses are the players they picked to fill those holes. 

The San Francisco 49ers had the number 9 overall pick and selected Mike McGlinchey a Tackle from Notre Dame. I was not expecting this pick from the 49ers, but I can see why they did it. When you pay your star quarterback $137.5 million dollars, you have to protect him. This draft pick will help out the Niners in the long term deal as they have a decent o-line to protect Jimmy Garoppolo. I can see why people are upset with them taking an offensive lineman over the other talents that were left on the board at the number 9 pick. But ultimately, McGlinchey is one of the best tackles in this draft and will help out the team making this a good pick for the Niners.

In round 2 the 49ers drafted Dante Pettis a wide receiver from Washington with the Redskins pick at 44th overall. I knew that the niners were going to draft a wide receiver, but it was all about which one they would take. I like this pick also because Pettis is a great kickoff and punt returner, he set the NCAA record for most return touchdowns with 9 over aq career. He will fit well with the 49ers scheme and would be great with Jimmy Garoppolo and Kyle Shanahan. Pettis is fast and a great route runner and would be a great tool for the niners

In round 3 the Niners selected Fred Warner a linebacker from BYU with the 70th pick overall. This pick is interesting for the niners as Warner is a versatile linebacker which is one of his best traits. He will be a sideline to sideline linebacker getting tackles and sacks for the defense. This is a good pick in the 3rd round for the niners and I like it. Also in round 3 of the draft the 49ers selected Tavarius Moore a DB from Southern Miss with New England’s pick at 95th overall. Moore is a 6’2″ athlete who has rare speed, length, and explosiveness at the safety position. This pick also was a solid pick that will help the team. 

Round 4 came and the 49ers drafted Kentavius Street a Defensive Linemen from N.C. State with Pittsburgh’s pick at 128th overall. Street has experience at both defensive tackles but unfortunately he tore his ACL at a Private workout during draft process. At one time an injury like that would be a 2 year recovery, but modern medicine and rehab have now lowered the time frame to 9-12 months. 

In round 5 the Niners selected D.J. Reed a cornerback from Kansas State with Washington’s pick at 142nd overall. Reed led the Big 12 in 2016 with 19 passes defended and Reed was a first-team All Big 12 selection in 2017.

In round 6 the 49ers drafted Marcell Harris a Safety from Florida with the 184th overall pick. Harris had a torn Achilles and missed the 2017 season but the 49ers drafted him because of his size at 6’1 and 32 inch arms.

The final round of the draft left the 49ers with two final picks. The Niners selected Jullian Taylor a Defensive Tackle from Temple with Miami’s pick at 233rd overall. Taylor posted a 4.83 40-yard dash and 31 reps on the bench at his pro day. Then with their final draft pick the 49ers they drafted Richie James a WR from Middle Tennessee State with Kansas City’s pick at 240th overall. James had a couple monster seasons with both over 1,000 yards, but in 2017 his season was cut short because of a broken collar bone.

Overall I think the 49ers had a solid draft, but not the best. This draft is way different from the one from last year. This year was not all about guys to plug in and play like from last year. This draft was finding guys with great potential even if they had injuries. These picks are for them to stash and keep. You need to develop your own talent even if it means for them not to play right away. Many of players the 49ers drafted are not day one starters, but have lots of potential and need to develop. I know that some people are upset with the draft, but you have to trust in the method.

Overall I grade the 49ers draft a solid B, I like some of the picks and I like what they are doing. You need to find guys with great potential and people who fit the system even if they had injuries and develop your own talents. That’s what the Niners did in this draft and that’s what there going to do.