Tyrone ward “The hitter”

Junior varsity football player Tyrone ward known as a man of dedication is willing to show off on the field “Humbly”. This individual has the best personality you can find. This player is an inspiration to anyone who wants to go far in football. Ward is a hard hitter, a human machine, running over everything in his path. When you look at the face of Tyrone you often see a smile that lights up a dark pathway.

He is enthusiastic about opportunity and is willing to take punishment for success in return. He comes to practice and pushes himself very hard, he loves spending time with family and friends. On his spare time he relaxes and takes the time to think about where he is in his own life. This is just the beginning of Wards journey. He is loving and caring for a big guy but believe he can get mean, especially on the field. He points out weaknesses in his opponent and uses it against them.

He improves everyday “My goal is to get better” Tyrone says. Many can see his hard work is paying off on and off the field. Many say that Wards abilities are essential to the team; the team wouldn’t be a team without Tyrone ward. Tyrone has many inspirations and things to keep his mind on football. He has role models who carry him through the tough times. Sometimes giving up appears on the plate but never will Tyrone choose to take it.  Ward now has a different perspective on the game and it will show for now on in his action. He has come to a realization that football is not just a sport it is your outlet, something you can use to get away.

When you are on the field everything else changes, nothing matters when you’re in your zone. He often imitates his favorite football players and shows many traits of those individuals. Ward always says “You are going to stumble and fall sometimes and when  you do your going to fall a lot so get up when you do”. Those words couldn’t be so true so help support the titans by supporting Tyrone Ward, when you see him acknowledge his hard work and effort. He is also a good person to go to when you need help, so call on Tyrone!