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Horoscopes for March 27, 2016

By Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency

March 27, 2016

Today's Birthday (03/27/16). What would you love to explore this year? Plan travels and studies to benefit your creative work. Partnership sparks after 3/23, leading into a two-year phase for powerful collaborations (beginning 9/9)...

Horoscope for March 4, 2016

Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency (TNS)

March 4, 2016

  Today's Birthday (03/04/16). Reap what you sow professionally this year. Plan your moves, before a profitable two-year phase begins (Jupiter enter Libra, 9/9). Breakthroughs include in personal matters (3/8) and partnership or ...

Horoscopes for December 19, 2015

Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency

December 19, 2015

Today's Birthday (12/19/15)   Today's Birthday (12/19/15). Focus on work you love and there's no stopping you this year. Expect personal expansion. Spring cleaning or relocation sets you up for parties with friends and fami...

Horoscopes for November 6, 2015

Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency

November 6, 2015

Today's Birthday (11/06/15) Community efforts bear fruit this year. Collaborate in the biggest game you can play. Discipline pays in spades. Springtime brings new love and long-term plans. Take time to reflect. After next autumn...

Horoscopes for November 2, 2015

Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency

November 2, 2015

Today's Birthday (11/02/15). Together you're unstoppable this year. Being smart with your money produces satisfying results. A spring romance prevents a goodbye. Next autumn reveals a community breakthrough. Keep it fun. Take bol...

Horoscopes for October 13, 2015

October 13, 2015

 Today's Birthday (10/13/15) You will make personal discoveries this year. Suddenly you see things from a new perspective. Talk about what you want for the world. Opportunities lead to a personal turning point this spring. ...

Tyrone ward “The hitter”

November 7, 2013

Junior varsity football player Tyrone ward known as a man of dedication is willing to show off on the field “Humbly”. This individual has the best personality you can find. This player is an inspiration to anyone who wants...

Horoscope for September 30, 2013

Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency (MCT)

September 30, 2013

To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. Aries (March 21-April 19) Today is a 7 -- Watch where you're going. Gather information. Rules must be enforced. Promise to keep a secret. An o...

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