Varsity working at their hardest!

This season the varsity volleyball team works hard on their goals and tries to succeed in their goals.


This season Celeste Jones, senior has been working very best for this season’s matches. Jones has been playing volleyball for four years now. Jones and her teammates skills have improved for this season competiton. Their dedication to this sport has made them be the best they are today in the matches they have played and in the next matches. The varsity team’s confidence is higher then last year. They have improved their skills as individuals and as a team.

“My personal goal this season is to do better than last season and record wise,” said Celeste Jones.

This season the varsity volleyball team changed their positions and had to gain new positions. For this season of volleyball Jones is an “OH” (an outside hitter). An outside hitter is the player who hits and blocks on the front left side of the court for offense. The outside hitter gets a lot of swings at the ball in their matches. In a match, Jones best play in a match is when  she is hitting the ball on the outside of the court. This season Jones is planning to get scholarships for volleyball.

Jones said, “The colleges I want to get scholarships are from SDSU and HNU.”

Volleyball usually has six players on the court at a time, in which a large ball is hit by hand over a high net. The aim being to score points by making the ball reach the ground on the opponent’s side of the court. The purpose of volleyball is to have exercise but also it will increase speed, attention and strength.