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Horoscope for June 15, 2016

Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency

June 15, 2016

Today's Birthday (06/15/16). Family fun takes lead this year. Supporting your companion pays long-term allowances. A home extension this autumn leads to a turning point in your career, as you begin a two-year passion phase. Ch...

Horoscope for June 5, 2016

Diana Garcia, reporter

June 5, 2016

  Today's Birthday (06/05/16). Home and family keep you grounded this year. Seeds planted now bring long-term benefit. Begin a two-year passionate phase in September, as you navigate new situations at home and work. Unexpected...

Horoscope for April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016

(TNS) Today's Birthday (04/25/16). Fall in love again this year. Savor family and friends. Enjoy scientific research and intellectual study. Strategize for larger impact after 8/13. Share your heart newly after 9/1. A two-year...

Horoscope for April 14, 2016

April 14, 2016

Today's Birthday (04/14/16). Envision and plan bold adventures this year. What to learn? Launch creative projects after 5/9, and an educational journey after 8/13. Begin a new two-year phase in your relationship. Breakthroughs in ...

Horoscope for February 25, 2016

Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency (TNS)

February 25, 2016

  Today's Birthday (02/25/16). Educational dreams are realized with persistent action this year. Personal ventures expand (after 3/8), leading to new educational conditions (after 3/23). Begin a profitable two-year phase af...

Horoscopes for October 13, 2015

October 13, 2015

 Today's Birthday (10/13/15) You will make personal discoveries this year. Suddenly you see things from a new perspective. Talk about what you want for the world. Opportunities lead to a personal turning point this spring. ...

Horoscope for May 30, 2015

Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency

May 30, 2015

Today's Birthday (05/30/15). Spread the word for what you care about this year. Grow your networks. Powerfully influence the conversation. Consider the past, as you plan creative collaborations. Patiently persuade a partner. Lau...

Horoscope of March 17, 2015

Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency

March 17, 2015

Today's Birthday (03/17/15). Talk about what you love this year. Expand professionally by finding passion in your work. Inspire and grow your circles. Share your unique view. Practice before performing. Take advantage of renewed confide...

Horoscope for March 7, 2015

Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency

March 7, 2015

Today's Birthday (03/07/15). Prioritize providing excellent service this year, and your efforts grow. Work together with respected professionals to really thrive. Your network has the resources you need. Take on community project...

Horoscope for January 2, 2015

Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency

January 2, 2015

To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. Aries (March 21-April 19)  Today is a 7 -- Listen to your senses. Let others share expenses. Avoid confusion over financial agreem...

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