Looking for a change?

Looking for a change?

Jaiden Crawford , Reporter

I believe that change is when someone or something has finally decided to differ themselves. Also, change can be either positive or negative. The Positive part of change are things like: Boosting your self-esteem, building self-confidence, or building strength and character. Change can be important as it can open more doors for you, and it makes you more adaptable.

The negative part of the change can happen by peer pressure or what you’re surrounded by. People motivate to change by looking back on their past or their past behavior. For Example like a former ex-con, they would look back and think was the crime I committed really worth it?  What could I do better for myself?  How can I be a better person? They start questioning their own character and look at the mirror and realize it’s time to change. 

I believe in another way that change can happen when people see other people winning life like everything goes their way and it motivates them to do better or try to do or be better than that person. The motivation for change has to be within yourself you have to wanna change. Nobody else can want it for you.

I think another reason why people motivate themselves to change is that when they hit rock bottom. Life isn’t kind to anyone down there, but when you are at that kind of stage it gives you a clear head and wakes you up. You have to come face to face with what you are dealing with and make an adjustment of what you have to do so you won’t be at that low in your life anymore.

One other reason is that people get tired of living the same routine and repetitiveness. If you’re doing the same thing over and over again it’s going to come at a time you’re going to find boredom in what you are doing and you’ll be fed up with it and find that spark inside of to adjust or make a  change to your everyday routine.