Do you like motorcycles?

Are they dangerous or are they safe?

Motorcycles could be dangerous but some students here at Cesar Chavez thought otherwise.

Most students believed it would be fun to have a motorcycle, but some students are against the idea that they are fun but could cause something more serious, death. Although there were more students who said they do not like motorcycles, there was still a lot of other students who like motorcycles and it almost evens the score out.

My partner and I went out asking about 100 students to see what their opinion was on motorcycles. My partner asked a student, Clarrissa Valdez, what she thought about motorcycles. Clarrissa said she liked motorcycles, she is among the group of people that said it was fun and not dangerous. Also she added that her favorite  motorcycle was a Harley Davidson.

“Yes I like motorcycles,” journalism teacher Mrs. Wertz said. “I believe they are dangerous too. I had a motorcycle as a teen and I loved my motorcycle. There was just something about it that was really fun.”

The motorcycle was not a favorite among some students interviewed but a good group of students do like motorcycles.  Overall motorcycles are great vehicles.

Do you like motorcycles?

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